Most expectant fathers have a lot on their mind. this was no different for Colin Roberson. Following a routine ultrasound of his unborn child there was one thought Col just couldn’t shake “Wouldn’t it be great to take this technology back to the farm to use on his cattle and sheep”.

This idea stayed with Col for years until finally, the opportunity arose to purchase a second hand ultrasound machine from a local hospital. After honing his skills on his own cattle and sheep, word got out and local farmers were keen to have their animal’s scanned by Colin using this unique non-invasive, external method of pregnancy testing. The year was 1986 and Roberson Pregnancy scanning was born.

Fast forward to today, Col’s children have grown and have children of their own and the business he started all those years ago is still going strong, with a regular client base throughout New South Wales and Victoria.

Brendan and Colin